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PainKARE applies clinic proved biostimulation technology to induce self healing in cellular level for pain relief. It is non-invasive, 100% drug free and no side effect.

PainKARE has the ability to penetrate the cell for rejuvenation so as to recover from the injury and pain for a long term effect, as opposed to pass over the cell and use larger stimuli to inhabit cell activity for a temporary relief as other stimulation modalities do.

If you have tried many other therapies but are still fighting your chronic pain, PainKARE could be a solution.

Family Companion

'Must Have' for many pains; avoid costly clinic visits and unnecessary medication.

App For Pain Syndrome

Alleviates pain at the origin, for quick and effective relief to hundreds of complex pains.

PainKARE is not TENS

Promotes healing rather than simply blocking the pain.

Portable and Wearable

Carry it anywhere and wear anytime for treatment even while working, sleeping, or playing with your children.



The Disabled Diva

"Pain relief arrives quicker if I use the device before he pain in the problem area becomes severe. " more...

Hannah G.

"I personally found the device to be helpful for me in reducing my chronic pain over an extended period of time (a week or longer)". more...


"... I’ve found relief with the PainKare unit and definitely wish I’d had it 15 years ago when I was in relentless fibromyalgia pain. " more...

Amy O

"I’ve tried a bunch of other therapies for my chronic pain, and to my surprise, I found a viable solution when I was given the product PainKARE to try. " more...

Shelley S

"Overall I find microcurrent technology to be a fascinating development in treating pain... " more...


"...typing with no pain or stiffness in my neck and shoulders. In fact, the pain has been gone since yesterday’s treatment. That has not happened in years and years. " more...


" I did that with my shoulder and it worked well. We both did 4 treatments and did notice a significant improvement to our pain levels in that area. " more...


Significantly improve chronic pain in a few treatments


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PainKARE was developed in 2014 by TrioWave Technologies.

TrioWave is a healthcare-technology company backed by a group of scientists and technologists devoted to innovative solutions in healthcare. By integrating with advanced biostimulation, biosensor, and Robot/AI technology, PainKARE could help people quickly and effectively relieve chronic pains from daily life.

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